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Who Are We?

The Short Answer-

Matt and Kent Jarrett, central Illinois father and son duo who love photography!

The Longer Answer-

Kent, the older and wiser of the two, started shooting weddings when cakes had bridges and baby blue tuxedos were a thing, and that’s a good thing!  He has years of experience which can’t be beat on your special day.

Matt, the younger and slightly less grey haired of the two, started shooting when digital photography was in its infancy.

Working together, is where they bring something special to the table.  The range of creative images that they are able to capture is wider than any one photographer can do.  Life’s special moments happen once, and in that moment, it’s nice to have options of photos to choose from.

For a glimpse at the type of work we love to do, check out our portfolio section above.


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Looking at photos and websites can’t answer all of the questions, we’d love to help with the rest.  Events and needs vary from one to another.  Let us know what we can do for you.

Seriously, drop us a line.

Phone: (309)807-0567
Location: Central Illinois